The operations of Corporación Multi-Inversiones began in this division.  Our business in this area is focused on the development of the wheat and cereals food chain through the production of wheat and corn flour, pasta and cookies. 

We have manufacturing plants in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. 

Through our units we produce and develop leading brands in the markets we cover, and we have become one of the most important milling groups in Latin America.

Business Units

1.     Flour:

o    Wheat flour: raw material for the manufacture of bread, cookies and pasta
o    Corn flour: used for the production of tortillas and other products
o    Wheat  and corn semola: raw material for the production of snacks
o    Industrial and family pre-mixes: for the manufacture of food products

2.     Pastas:

o    Pasta products: packed under our own or other private brands
o    Precooked noodles: for the preparation of oriental food
o    Pasta in bulk: as a raw material for the preparation of soups
o    Plain or pre-mixed flour:  for the preparation of cakes in domestic packaging
o    Crude cereals: derived from wheat in domestic packaging

3.     Cookies and Crackers:

o    Cookies: with filling, wafers, and other basic types
o    Crackers: club, soda and saltines
o    Other cookies:  such as chocolate chip type